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1495 days ago.
by Monaco
Pine Island Community Forum

Posts: 1 - Hi Friends, I started a forum on Facebook for all our fellow Pine Island friends. It's called "The Pine Island Prospect" and it is our very own craigslist, freecycle, blog etc.

I Found a Watercraft

Posts: 0 - About 3 weeks ago, I foun d a watercraft adrift in Matlacha Pass. I searched for debris, PFD's, and PIW. Found none, and assumed it broke loose from mooring.

3584 days ago.
by Miller
Story of the year.

Posts: 0 - What do you think was the top story on Pine Island in 2009?

Welcome to 2010

Posts: 0 - Welcome to 2010. What do you think are the greatest issues facing Pine Island as we enter the new year?

Dulcimer groups/clubs

Posts: 0 - Hi, I'm wondering if there are any mountain dulcimer clubs or groups of people who get together and play music on Pine Island?

Hurricane preparedness

Posts: 0 - I have become a bit concerned that the people of Pine Island are becoming complacent about this year's hurricane season.