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A genius way to increase income

February 6, 2020
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I was just browsing the GPICA web site for a laugh. As usual, the information on it is outdated, but I found their "statement of revenue and disbursements" from calendar year 2017. I'm challenging the Eagle to download it before the GPICA removes it from their web site. Why? Because the GPICA has figured out a way for all of us to increase our income or "revenue." They had $1,979.98 in what the rest of us call "income," but, and here's the genius - they created more "revenue" by transferring $43,200 from their investment account. So, despite spending over $50,000, most of which was for the incorporation fiasco, they claim their "total cash outflow" was only about $4,800! So, for those of you who are on a fixed income, simply transfer your savings into your checking account and dramatically boost that income!

And these people want to be running Pine Island with your tax dollars.

Dave Lukasek

Ft. Denaud



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