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An American speaks

January 8, 2020
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Former CIA Director Porter Goss, in a recent local interview, said the death of Iran's terrorist general Soleimani should be viewed by Americans as a National Security issue, not a partisan one.

Mr. Goss is, of course, correct in his assertion but, he's unrealistic in believing the Socialist Democratic Party members residing within our borders have an agenda remotely resembling anything "American."

Unfortunately, everything our president does is immediately converted into a partisan issue by the Democratic Party supported by their traitorous anti-American mainstream media partners.

Iran's leaders have continuously and consistently called for the extermination of Jews and the termination of Israel as, in their view, Israel has no right to even exist. In spite of this and given their history of non-compliance with any agreement made with a country of "infidels," Obama showered them with cash supported by Biden, Kerry and Clinton who applauded this decision.

Look back at the false claims of "Arma-geddon" by Democratic leaders if Trump was elected and compare their failed predictions to the America First agenda, it's accomplishments and the prosperity and independence now enjoyed by our country in spite of Democrats bitter, hardline resistance to America's progress.

Max Christian

St. James City



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