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The truth is the truth

January 1, 2020
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Who is the victim and what is the truth? Two recent letters from seemingly opposing viewpoints provide great insight to these questions. One author stated that,"the truth, and what is right, applies to our 'duly elected' president as well as to the rest of us." The other said, " the party line does not consider the person, their track record in business, politics or other fields of endeavor." When we take these two statements together we must consider what we know of Donald Trump. identified Mr. Trump's top 10 lies of 2019 including claiming 1) Ukraine not Russia was responsible for meddling in the 2016 election, 2) the whistleblower report was inaccurate, 3) the rules about whistleblower reports where changed just before this occurred, 4) the previous administration was responsible for the separation of parents from children at the border, 5) the National Weather Service reports were wrong about Alabama being hit by Dorian, 6) the Republican mayor of El Paso was wrong in stating that El Paso was a relatively safe city prior to any border wall construction, and that it had no impact on crime, 7) 100% of Isis-controlled land was reclaimed by Syria and Iraq under this administration it's 50%, 8) the tariffs on China are being paid by China when in fact they are being paid by the American taxpayer, 9) the trade deficit is down when in fact it is UP $132 billion or over 26% compared to 2016 and 10) he did not use the power of his office to solicit foreign assistance in his re-election bid. The Acting Director of National Intelligence testified that he did and his chief of staff agreed, saying, "we do this all the time"

The author is correct in asserting that the truth applies to the president as well as anyone else. The truth is, Mr. Trump lies frequently to the American people about really important things (thus the need to consider the person and their track record). Mr. Trump's track record in business is fraught with bankruptcies, failure to pay debts, illegal use of funds, (ordered by N.Y. Supreme Court to pay $2 million for use of donations for veterans for campaign purposes instead) and discrimination. His business associates and former personal attorney are in prison. He has cheated on several of his wives, very notably with Stormy Daniels and others. His public statements include, "I just grab them by the..." well, you know.

The impeachment proceedings were carried out 100% in compliance with the law. House committees had both Republicans and Democrats in attendance at their closed-door meetings. All proceedings were carried out as the Constitution set forth. Mr. Trump was given the opportunity to present his case, but declined and prevented his senior staff from testifying as well-not the acts of an innocent man.

What can we learn from this? No one is above the law. There are a lot of lies in politics, but the truth is the truth. By blindly adhering to one party line or the other, we fail to see or hear the truth. We must look for it ourselves, from trustworthy sources. The Economist, public television, BBC and NPR are the most trusted sources for truthful, trustworthy reporting according to MarketWatch. We must educate ourselves so that we can make informed decisions, not just blindly follow the party line. I do. I hope you do too.

Isabel Francis




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