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Americans agree

December 25, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Despite the hotheaded or divisive exchanges we often see or hear on various media sources, Americans do agree on many vital issues.

The Center for American Progress recently published a report that included, "90 percent of Democrats, 80 percent of independents and 60 percent of Republicans agreed with the following: 'We need to take back our government from wealthy special interests and make sure it works for all Americans. Government at its best should ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to get ahead in life and has access to affordable health care, good schools, and a secure retirement. Government should work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.'"

Expanding on that, 70% of all Americans, including majorities in all parties, agree that college is too expensive and more should be done to help people afford it, rich families and corporations should pay more in taxes and middle-income should pay less, health insurance should be provided through a public plan for those who do not have employer-provided coverage, $1 trillion should be invested in infrastructure and green energy, and a 2% wealth tax should be imposed on net worth in excess of $50 million.

Combined with smaller majorities wanting "aggressive action" on climate change (69% - Reuters) and assault weapons ban (67% - Fox News poll) or stricter gun control laws (NBC - Wall Street Journal), there is remarkable agreement on what Americans believe is best for improving our way of life.

This is the good news that we can bring into a contentious New Year.

Susan McGuire




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