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Our form of government

December 4, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Multiple witnesses during the impeachment hearings have corroborated the whistleblower report. The public knows the truth of what was done, who was involved, who was obstructed from testifying, and the defense.

This investigation has fallen along political lines and there is little reason to believe that will change. It appears likely that the president will be impeached, and then acquitted.

What will change, then, will be our form of government.

Separation of powers is our constitutional model that divides the government into separate branches, each of which has separate and independent powers. By having multiple branches of government, this system helps to ensure that no one branch is more powerful than another. It creates checks and balances on excessive use of power.

Now we are being told that there ought not to be restraint of the executive branch's power. The powers of Congress are subjected to his will, and he cannot be indicted or held accountable as long as he is in office. The Department of Justice serves the president, and the Supreme Court becomes partisan. The president's team conducting official U.S. policy may be his personal cronies, his offspring, his twitter account or whomever he personally empowers. Senate confirmation of these quasi officials is not required, and top security clearances are optional. Private ambition may become official policy.

Acquittal of this president goes far beyond the actions of this presidency. If he is acquitted, our Constitution will be subverted.

We will have become an elected dictatorship.

Susan McGuire




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