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We don't need this problem

November 27, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Mr. McGrail, thanks for writing the letter you submitted to the Eagle. I agree with you, Cape Coral does not want Pine Island. There are no beaches or many facilities. Cape Coral has enough trouble taking care of what they have. I don't understand why the Greater Pine Island Civic Association (whoever they are) is pushing so hard for incorporation. It makes people I know think there is an ulterior motive for this push. I would like to see a list of advantages to incorporation without mentioning a takeover by anyone. Why does anyone want more rules, laws, management when most people think this place is great. And why are people listening to GPICA as if they are some sort of ruling body out here.

GPICA wants a village council, 5 districts, 5 reps, 2 at-large members. We would have to contract with Lee County or others (?) for police, emergency management, public works, park and rec, building inspection, animal control, etc. And previous articles in the Eagle have said this incorporation will not cost us any more money. And they know this how? What if Lee County decides they would add more money for these services because of the distance or some other reason. After all, it will be a negotiation. In previous Eagle articles the GPICA mentioned an office and someone to run it. I guess everyone works for free and there are no expenses for an office and someone to run it.

Don't vote for incorporation. We don't need this problem.

Carol Freeman

St. James City



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