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Loose cannons should scare everyone

November 20, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Loose cannons rarely hit their targets and, in fact, can take out their own forces if allowed to be fired.

We witnessed a "loose cannon" in an incredible spectacle as this week's renegade leader of the Democratic Party, Adam Schiff, showed the world his Gestapo-like tactics in his unceasing, obsessive attempts to take down our sitting president.

Schiff's lies are boundless and yet they are always enthusiastically "gobbled up" by the corrupt mainstream media that feeds off anything "anti-Trump." For more than 2 years Schiff appeared on the facsimile "Democrat State TV" network CNN, proclaiming he had evidence of our president's collusion with Russia in his 2016 campaign but never produced even an iota of the "proof" he claimed to possess.

The "Kabuki theater" conducted at the House of Representatives orchestrated by a Democratic "lawmaker" best described as "head clown for the week," was just another example of a deranged fanatic with more bad wiring in his head than PG&E has in the entire state of California appealing to his equally fanatical socialist base of the Democratic Party desperately seeking a crime that, once again, did not exist. Schiff's primary attribute; he makes Pelosi and Nadler almost appear sane by comparison.

All the finger pointing from the Democratically controlled media points only in one direction; pro-socialist Democrat/anti-conservative Republican.

There is not only "ample evidence" but proof that the DNC, under Hilary Clinton, paid for and received a fabricated document known as the "Dossier" from a foreign government representative in her attempt to smear her opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign. How is this not an invitation for foreign interference in our elections? Yet, no wild-eyed hysterical clamor from those corrupted mainstream media networks for investigations nor even a mention of it other than to refer to it as a "conspiracy theory" which is how they label every threat to their protected Democratic candidates.

Real news organizations disseminate all the news and let their readers/viewers decide the merits of it. The tactics used today by the mainstream are nothing less than censorship in failing to present all sides in favor of a "version" of the news supporting only the narrative/agenda of the news organization.

The Nazis only controlled 3% of the 4,400 newspapers at the beginning of their takeover in Germany but by the end of their regime, they controlled all 1,100 of the remaining publications which, like the vast majority of today's media outlets in the U.S., only disseminate "programmed" news supporting their painfully obvious preselected narratives.

The proliferation of Socialist views and support of those views by the majority of pro-socialist controlled mainstream media outlets may be the same harbinger of doom ignored by the German people just prior to the rampage of the juggernaut known as the Third Reich.

Max Christian

St. James City



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