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How much hatred is enough?

September 4, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Liberal TV host Bill Maher further exemplified the bitter hatred spewing forth from the left on his show when he said, "hope the end was painful" and "f--- him" in his less than compassionate recognition of the passing of conservative billionaire, David Koch. How vile can he be?

How much hatred will finally be enough for the liberals and socialist Democrats and when will they take rightful ownership of their legacy as the truly anti-American purveyors of pure loathing that they have become?

The Dems now categorize everyone outside their party as "racists" but giveaways for the sole purpose of engineering dependency in exchange for a vote is the most insidious form of racism ever conceived.

Every election carries the same expectations for the Democratic party. We delivered for you, now you owe me your vote. That is precisely how they see it and worse yet, that's been their insidiously sinister plan from the inception of Lyndon B. Johnson's "great society" project.

Buying votes became the hallmark of Democratic leadership decades ago; "Vote early and vote often" has been the battle cry before every election in Chicago for over a century and they're not kidding.

The current crop of socialist Democrats vying for president is unanimous on free healthcare for illegals while competing with each other on which one can embrace the most radical of socialist visions for us and our country including open borders and life ending projects like the "Green New Deal."

How much more transparency is needed before a sufficient number of Americans see them for who they are; no longer fellow Americans in any sense of the word, but merely a political party that has adopted stormtrooper tactics, employing every dirty trick in the book and many not in the book, in order to remove electoral power from our Republic and to finally achieve their ultimate goal; elimination of the last true bastion of personal freedom and human dignity remaining on Earth.

Max Christian

St. James City



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