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President subverts democratic processes

August 7, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Christian's pernicious editorial castigation of Democrats while it is true that politics is a dirty business on both sides as your savior likes to point out when referencing the behavior of white nationalists, it is none-the-less what has made America's democracy work successfully since the founders established it.

That is until an individual was put into office that demonstrably has no respect for America's Constitution, rule of law or democratic processes. He, his office, and Republican party supporters are choosing instead to ignore, snub and otherwise obstruct any application of the principles of control the founders outlined and intended to be called into play whenever points of contention arose.

Beyond that, the evolution and maturing of Americas democracy has established a court system intended to enforce America's rule of law designed under that democracy to protect the welfare of American citizens and world partners alike. But even here this president, and a now revealed U.S. Attorney General appointed by the president, continue efforts to circumvent, subvert and falsify rule of law language, content and interpretation and feed that via Twitter, fundraisers and other public venue platforms made available to his office by the very democracy that created opportunity for such capabilities to spread his vitriol of divisiveness.

It is apparent that those individuals who choose to continue to believe that this president is acting only in the interests of America and all its citizens' welfare are sadly uninformed or simply choosing to remain oblivious to the truth that is surrounding them.

Whether they want to believe or not, it is becoming clearer through investigations being conducted and the elevating degree of resistance being put into place by America's White House to block those that this administration does not want truth to be made public so the mantra "watch what they do / not what they say."

This president has made clear his admiration for dictatorships and is openly using the powers of his office in attempt to subvert democratic processes to ones granting him absolute power. America rebuked "kingship" in 1776 and now to do less by all Americans in our responsibility to protect America's democracy calls into question judgement, commitment to America's democracy and perhaps, even patriotism among those who stand for "Trumpism."

Alvin Coiner

St. James City



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