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Stop masquerading as Americans

July 31, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

While President Trump is the primary target for the majority of the bitter, angry, and irrational hatred on display from the socialist Democrats pontificating their indignant nonstop criticism of him, the attacks now include their utter contempt and vilification for all Americans that dared to vote for this president.

Those of us that voted this president into office are extremely happy with our choice. He has worked tirelessly to keep his campaign promises and, in spite of countless barriers erected for more than two years by Democratic leadership representing nothing but resistance and obstruction, he has kept many of his pledges.

We do, of course, want fairness, freedom, honesty and truth. We want legal immigration to continue but the illegal immigrants rushing our borders with false claims of asylum must be stopped. Sanctuary cities are the brainchild of the Democratic socialists that sneer at our federal laws to support their agenda of future voters beholding to their charity at the expense of our taxpayers. They are illegal and must be stopped.

When Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative groups supporting his opposition, you stood silent. When Hilary Clinton crudely justified the slaughter of our ambassador and his bodyguards at Benghazi in front of Congress, you turned away or just changed the channel. When Bill Clinton boarded a plane with Lorreta Lynch days before a potential indictment recommendation by the FBI, you ignored the obvious implications of impropriety. When a border patrol agent was murdered by a weapon from Eric Holder's infamous debacle known as "Fast & Furious" you once again stood mute. We know the only "facts" you deem credible are those that support your views. You simply ignore or deny all the facts that prove your false witness against your neighbor or disprove your phony allegations.

Democrats have betrayed "Americans" over and over again for more than 10 years now. Anytime a policy of Obama's was questioned, the questioner was labeled a "racist." Every time any Democrat is called out for false claims, improper etiquette, anti-American rhetoric or any legitimate examination of truth, the antagonist is simply labeled "racist" and the subject is closed. How convenient.

You support the mob mentality we witnessed at the Kavanaugh hearings, you finance and support the Democratic henchmen known as ANTIFA. Their masked mobs beat up anyone that won't be silenced or has a viewpoint differing from the marching orders issued by their Socialist handlers. You support silencing all views contrary to your own in the mass media outlets as well as on college campuses but, you claim that you are not socialists.

The election cycle has begun for the 2020 presidential election and you trot out over 20 candidates that are either unqualified, unknown, tired retreads from the past or clearly wish to take our country down the path of socialism and yet, you question our American ideals?

Your mantra of "the end justifies the means" is not an American "ideal" but akin to Marxism and is included in the communist ethic. The playbook that has become your true manifesto, Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," in no way represents the character or morals of our country nor will ever remotely portray the heritage of our nation that the vast majority of Americans wish to pass on to our future generations.

We are not as vocal or deviously sinister as the citizens identifying as Democrats nor willing to hire thugs like ANTIFA to beat you into submission, but we will, in spite of your treasonous, lawless behavior, be casting our votes for the survival of America and we will always fiercely support the American ideals that we hold dear.

Max Christian

St. James City



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