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American values

July 10, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Although they vary on the details, the majority of Americans tend to hold similar values. While Republicans push deeply unpopular policies, poll after poll shows that most Americans agree on key issues.

Seventy-one percent believe that Roe v. Wade should be preserved, according to Pew Research Center. Repeated polls from AP-NORC to Gallup indicate that 67% favor stricter gun laws and that grows to 81% when polling younger voters. The majority of Americans (60-70% depending on wording) believe universal healthcare is necessary, and that percentage grows with plans that include a form of private insurance (CNBC and Kaiser).

On today's' hot button topics, 65% (72% under 35) say the zero-tolerance family separation policy is unacceptable. The only population segment favoring the policy are white, very conservative, evangelical, older voters who tend to be rural (CBS, UMd Critical Issues, Politico) and at least 83% favor DACA -- a path to citizenship for children brought illegally into the U.S. -- 83% Gallup, 87% CBS poll.

Those holding minority views are often very vocal, and they tend to vote in strong blocs. But, even in these divisive times, Americans hold fast to their values of decency and fairness.

Susan McGuire,

On behalf of Pine Island ROAR (Rise Up, Organize, Activate, Resist)




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