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Lions drop boxes still available

May 29, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Wait before you read this there is something you should know. I am no longer president of the Greater Pine Island Lions Club. As a matter of fact, as of the first of the week of June, there will no longer be a Greater Pine Island Lions Club. Therefore I want you to know: I will still collect the same things on the list here, but only the glasses, hearing aids, cell phones will go to the Lions and only if I can get another club to pick them up at my home!

As you have probably read in the Eagle by now we no longer are in charge of the GPI Lions Club Playground at 5th Avenue and Lemon Street, St. James City. Cindy Bickford at 282-9478 is heading up the "Save the Childrens' Playground" and they are planning to replace all of the outdated equipment as soon as possible. Get in touch with her direct to make donations or volunteer to work when this really gets started.

The things I continue to collect will be used here on the Island. If it something that someone else can use, donate it. If in doubt don't throw it out. Please drop it in one of the boxes.

Please read on we are asking for additional items that you may have.

The Greater Pine Island Lions Club has drop boxes located here on the Island: Matlacha, U.S. Post Office, at the Pine Island Center, Library, Centennial Bank , Lutheran Church, Family Hair Salon (W.D. Plaza), and Pine Island Cove Club House. If you would like to have a small drop box delivered to your business, call the above number. The boxes are emptied once each month unless you need it emptied more often and then you just call.

Thanks to those who have been dropping off the aluminum pull tabs from aluminum cans.

We do not collect furniture or anything of that nature. But we do take the personal items, small bottles of lotion, shampoo or conditioner, sun screen, tooth paste, tooth brushes (that have not been opened) that are given out by motels, hotels or that you might receive from dentists and you do not use. Some of this stays here on the Island and some are donated to the Women's Shelter in Fort Myers or veterans or upon request to be distributed to those who need them. If you know someone who can use things like this have them go to the PIC Thrift Store and ask them to direct you. Don't forget unused diapers (adults and children), any medical supplies (not RX), such as bandages, gauze, etc., are badly needed on this island.

All occasional greeting cards, new or used -- we do not need the envelopes. The cards are used by the Lighthouse of SW Florida to "reconstruct" into new cards that they sell for a nominal fee in their shop and they also ship cards and new envelopes to military servicemen and women so they will have cards they can send home to relatives and friends.

Stamps: new or used. These are used as rehab in veteran hospitals. The patients use the stamps as "small tiles" for constructing art work/pictures which they sell in the hospitals for spending money, or use them as gifts for their friends and relatives.

Regular glasses and sunglasses (readers are also accepted if they are still in unopened package, leave them packed and we can distribute to someone on the island). The others are shipped to a Lions' facility in northern Florida where they are cleaned, repaired and sorted. Many are redistributed right here in Florida and others are sent to other states, countries to be distributed by Lions or missionaries. We do not have access to them for distribution.

Hearing aids: If these are fairly new, they can be redistributed. Please indicate on the hearing aids if they are new or about how old they are. Otherwise they go to another group in Lions who refurbish them.

Cell phones: These too are refurbished and reissued to those in need -- domestic violence victims, older people who cannot afford the cell phones but need them to carry with them in case they fall or are injured. We do not have these available.

Thank you again for all the help you gave the Greater Pine Island Lions Club during its 50 years on Greater Pine Island and the help you have given to me during my 12 years as president of your GPI Lions Club. As far as I know now, there are no plans to replace the club on the island. If you are interested or know someone who might be, call the nearest club, Cape Coral at 802-745-8632.

Thank you also goes out to all other donations we have received through my years with the Lions from businesses and individuals to help the GPI Lions Club, we could not have done what we did for the kids and everyone else we have helped with glasses, surgeries for eye problems, hearing aids, I have been proud to represent you thanks for putting your trust in me. We appreciate those who had our service, liked our service and gave our names to other people who needed us. Without your continued help through the years we would not have been so successful!

Mary VonBurg

Former Lions President



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