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Address the issue of unwanted pregnancies, not push to ban legal abortion

May 22, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

We know what reduces abortion. Studies show that reducing or eliminating unwanted pregnancies is the key. This may seem obvious, but Republicans in their anti-abortion efforts have made no effort to implement any actions that reduce unwanted pregnancy.

Results from both the National Academy of Medicine and the Guttmacher Institute studies have proven that abortion rates go down when abortion is legal. Switzerland has the lowest abortion rate, and Pakistan has the highest, 10 times higher than that of Switzerland. Abortion takes place around the world regardless of legality.

Comprehensive sex education, free or affordable birth control, and access to the morning-after pill dramatically reduces rates of unwanted pregnancy. States, like Colorado, or countries, like many European nations, have found that abortion rates fall by as much as 78 percent when birth control is free and accessible. World-wide studies show that abortion rates are higher in countries with the harshest laws against it.

Republican efforts to repeal safe and legal abortion, rather than address the issue of unwanted pregnancies, are going against any evidence that such measures reduce or eliminate abortion.

Susan McGuire




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