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Beacon of HOPE Wellness Committee: Learning about cancer

January 9, 2019
By Robert Schlesinger, MD FACS (Special to The Eagle) , Pine Island Eagle

In the 20th century, medical science has made enormous advances in the control of and in some instances, the eradication of diseases that once killed and crippled thousands and thousands of men and women in this country and across the world.

The development of antibiotics, improvements in the understanding of the causes of diseases, improvements in public health, surveillance techniques and the development of vaccines have saved countless lives.

Typhoid and yellow fever, cholera and malaria have virtually disappeared from this country. Available, effective vaccines have led to the control of whooping cough, measles, mumps, chicken pox and flu, once lethal childhood diseases. Polio and small pox have virtually disappeared. Even TB and scarlet fever can be treated with antibiotics.

Yet, in spite of all this progress, cancer, in all of its clinical forms, may be the most significant killer of Americans. Much has been learned about the biology and mechanisms of cancer and the conditions and contributing factors that allow it to develop and kill. Even with this knowledge, it still is difficult to apply and use it in clinical settings to defeat cancer.

As part of its continuing commitment to serve the people of Pine Island and surrounding communities, the Beacon of HOPE is sponsoring, at 11 a.m., on Friday, Jan. 11, the second talk about cancers of the GI tract with attention to cancers of the stomach, pancreas and colon.

Thomas Jefferson said that "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Cancer can be dealt with and defeated, but before an enemy can be defeated it must first be understood.

Come and hear some of the reasons that cancer exists and what can be done to deal with cancer in its various dangerous forms.

For more information call the Beacon of HOPE at 239-283-5123. The Beacon is located at 5090 Doug Taylor Circle, St James City.



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