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Hello Lee County Commissioners

December 5, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Really with all the school kids coming into Matlacha Park you made Matlacha a dog park?

May I refresh your memory that the reason you expanded Matlacha Park and spent millions on buying a worthless swimming pool and a boat ramp that was put in over the weekend was to get rid of the neighbor's dogs that lived there.

Anyway, who is going to make sure that the dog owners obey the rules? You have folks running the Matlacha Park, who never leave the building and maybe they can't because they watch the kids, so who is watching the dog owners?

I walk in the mornings and I don't see anyone watching anything in that park.

Back when the County actually cared about what the folks wanted in their supposedly community parks, they would come and talk to the Matlacha Civic Association and find out what was wanted by the community. The last time that happened we voted no to becoming a dog park. I guess now we have no voice in anything concerning what is called our community park.

It's hard to imagine that you're actually making a dog park into a small park that is currently overrun with cars and trucks pulling their boat trailers around the perimeter as fast as they can to get their boat in the water and then making an even faster trip around the park with their empty trailer to find a place to park. Now those of us that want to walk in the park must use the in side perimeter of Matlacha Park and have to contend with huge dogs.

Commissioners, you have to admit none of you give a crap about what happens with this park. The main pier has been unusable for months, but in your mind, instead of fixing the pier, you blow money on new signs for a dog park along with the associated dog turd pick-up signs .

Leo Amos




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