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November 29, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

As a poll worker, I would like to thank everyone for your vote. Everyone was so orderly and involved. We were told that our district (15) had a 79 percent voting rate. This will give 3/4ths of the people a right to complain or crow about the outcome, but the others have no skin in the game. This is what really makes America great!

To the whiners I want them to remember how many votes were against them. For some that means for every 1 "for" there was 1 "against." Please find a balance / include other ideas.

I was very upset to see a sign on a car that said, "Everyone who is a leftist democrat is a Satanist". I wanted to respond "What would Jesus do? - Not!"

Every vote should count and no one is trying to steal anything. Just be counted.

A civil Republican.

Danna McDermott




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