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A crossing guard at the school would be a good idea

November 6, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Everyone wants our school children to be safe. Morning and evenings we have a flashing light to show us the children may be crossing there. Not to many years ago we had a crossing guard there for the children and to slow any vehicles that may not be paying attention. No one speeds through that intersection on purpose. Now on most days we have at least two Sheriff cars and sometimes four to catch anyone that may accidentally go too fast in that area. It appears they are not there to slow the traffic but to give out tickets for speeding. If you think about it, the damage is already done. The vehicle has gone through that area at a higher than normal speed. Wouldn't a crossing guard be a much better choice. How much does it cost Lee County taxpayers for those two or four sheriffs officers as compared to a crossing guard. It would also free up those officers to do more of what they are trained to do. Seems like it is just common sense.

Art Arway

St. James City



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