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Don't be fooled …

October 31, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Don't be fooled with the one half percent tax increase!

Don't be fooled when the Lee County School Board refers to the one half percent tax increase as one half penny, trying to minimize the actual cost to taxpayers.

It will be a tax costing the taxpayers millions, and millions of dollars, not pennies!

They must think the general public are just plain stupid by using this term!

They also tried to sneak in this tax increase by special election, at a cost of $800,000-plus by a school board that is crying they're broke, and need the money ( they only got $118,000,000 to maintain schools last year ), knowing a special election would have all their cronies getting out the vote to insure passage.

They have tried every trick they can to fool the average voter. Buying a car? A boat? Think of the extra hundreds of dollars more you'll be paying, let alone your every day purchases.

Thank our commissioners for stopping this back door try! The school board is out of control and never saw a dollar of taxpayers' money they wouldn't find a way to spend in a heart beat!

Stop these schemers and vote no on the one half percent tax increase, costing taxpayers millions not pennies!

Charles Petras




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