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It Ain’t Over…

October 10, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Dear Fellow Islanders,

It is with great concern that we all have been following the news stories related to the water quality issue here in SW Florida. The situation threatens our health, our livelihoods and businesses, property values, recreational time and probably a whole lot more.

Everybody is talking about it, and some truly dedicated individuals have done something about it. We have had protests, meetings, information sessions and the like. We have had numerous news stories from a variety of media.

But whatever you are doing, decide to be involved in some way! Human psychology is such that, sooner or later, an issue will wane from headline news. People will go back to their routine lives. The issue will be demoted to something of low importance in the collective public purview. Some officials, whether elected or appointed, know that this is what happens over time. They don't have to do anything but wait it out.

I would hope that every one of us would, at minimum, communicate with our elected officials and tell them how you feel. What you are worried about, what you are expecting from them. The following elected officials represent our community. Please note that I am identifying the folks that you can contact to press for results. This is not an assessment of their individual responses in this matter, i.e., whether their actions have been good, bad or indifferent to date. You can go online for their contact information.

US Senator Bill Nelson

US Senator Marco Rubio

US Representative Francis Rooney

FL State Governor Rick Scott

FL State Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto

FL State Representative Ray Wesley Rodrigues

Lee County Commissioner John Manning

Write or call-please! Don't forget, don't give up!

J. Lynam

St James City



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