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Protecting island children at the school crossing, and better use of resources

August 8, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

School is starting soon! Assuming that the 20 mph flashing light school crossing just north of the center on Stringfellow is to protect our children from getting hit while crossing the street, and assuming that the two, three and sometimes four county Sheriff's cars are there to slow down traffic, it would seem to me they are going about it the wrong way. Stopping the cars after they have sped through the crossing does nothing to protect the children, and there must be a lot of cars that are doing that to have up to four deputies doing radar relays catching all of them.

It would seem to me if we assume they are there to protect the children that one deputy, out of his car, standing in the middle of the road directing traffic, would slow the cars down, and give the children the protection they need. That would free up two or three patrol cars to go out and protect additional school crossings or prevent the house break-ins that have been occurring on the island.

This would seem to be a better use of assets and the deputies' time. On the other hand, we might assume that the children's safety is not the object of the radar stops, but that is probably not the correct assumption. What else could it be?

Dan Leather




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