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A second chance for Lucy

July 4, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor

Pine Island is well known for its beauty and charm, as well as for its neighborly residents and a strong sense of community. This past Father's Day, on a visit to my dad's St. James city home, I was shown that some hearts are not as loving as others.

It was by chance that I glanced out of the living room window to lay eyes on a pitiful creature - one made of only skin and bones - slowly wandering the front yard. This horribly malnourished girl came right to our front door. Apparently, she had been roaming the neighborhood for days but nobody claimed her. She was absolutely caked in fleas, had almost no hair due to severe mange and had multiple bleeding sores all over her body. I felt so terrible for her and went outside, cautiously, not knowing what to expect. I thought she surely must be aggressive, as no one would let a sweet dog end up this way. She looked like something straight out of a TV commercial, you know the ones...

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Despite all the torment she had clearly been through, she calmly approached me wagging her tail and whimpering softly. My heart sank, and I knew my family and I had to do something for this poor girl. We gave her food and water, and she allowed us to bathe her. After removing all the fleas and dirt we could, she thanked us with kisses on our hands and laid down for a rest. She has such a sweet and loving demeanor and even obeys commands. We can tell that she was in possession by a human in her past by the way she jumped right in the car and laid on the seat as soon as the door was opened, but it is clear she's been fending for herself for a long time.

We have full intentions of nursing her back to health. We had our first vet visit (6/18/18) where she has received 12 prescriptions for multiple skin conditions, infections, hookworms and a severe infestation of heart worms. Her bill was over $600. My father and I dropped the money with no question, because this girl wants to live. Her estimated costs of rehabilitation are upwards of $3,000. She has so much love in her eyes and in her heart and I promise to show her each and every day that she is worth being loved.

To whoever left this beautiful soul behind, thank you. I feel blessed that she has come into my life. We know that she has a very long road to recovery ahead, but we are willing to help her every step of the way. We pray that she will be able to make a full recovery.

I named her Lucy.

We are hoping to raise funds to continue her aggressive treatments. My family, Lucy, and I would be so appreciative for any help sent our way for our goal of making her a happy and healthy member of our family.

Thank you for listening to our story.

Follow "Lucy's Second Chance" on Facebook for updates on her progress and rehabilitation.

You can also contact me at 239-333-7576 or Debbie Memoli at 239-283-7733 for donations. Thank you!

Alysa Memoli



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