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Our Second Amendment

April 18, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Seeing people being murdered by mentally challenged maniacs and religious radicals is horrific; to say the least.

Tying these murders to the Second Amendment is just the liberal's way of trying to destroy our Constitution so they can have ALL the power. Take away the "power of the people;" their guns! and they will control the U.S. just like N Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and the rest of the "controlled" states.

The Second Amendment was not created so the "head of household" could protect his family with a hand gun! Common sense would see to that.

The Second Amendment was created to protect the citizens of this great country from tyranny! Remember the American Revolution?

Obama was well on his way to seizing the citizen's long guns and ammunition; he was arming his Homeland Security agents with military armaments and training them to be swat teams (to seize your long guns!). If he had one more term, we would have seen the worst civil war on record.

No one can stave off swat teams with hand guns, the militia is us; the citizens!

Now we have brainwashed teens running around the country chanting slogans about things they don't have a clue about, of course, they have been getting indoctrinated and taught that "America is Evil" by their teachers since preschool.

In 2016 two thirds more people in the U.S. died from knives than from assault weapons! So "let's ban knives" like they want to do in England?

Let's do something about mental illness and radical religion and keep our guns handy.

Russ Mattson




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