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Re: Rooney’s Town Hall Meeting

March 7, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

All I could do reading Susan McGuire's letter was smack my head!

First of all, the disrespect she shows Rep. Rooney is blatant. Please note, Ms. McGuire, his title is representative, not Mr.

Ms. McGuire cites statistics of support or opposition to several policies but, as liberals are wont to do, doesn't cite her sources.

Eighty percent support net neutrality? Ummm who in their right mind would support the federal government running anything given its abysmal history of running programs from Social Security to education? But, contrary to Ms McGuire's assertion, a Washington Post poll found 48 percent of all voters found the argument to repeal the rules convincing and 51 percent found it unconvincing.

Only 28 percent oppose the Meuller investigation? Fifty-one percent of those polled by NPR/PBS (hardly fans of conservatism) don't think or don't know if the investigation has been fair. Do most want it to continue? You betcha since we now know the Clintons and their dupes were up to their eyeballs in spreading lies about President Trump to influence the outcome of the election (yes, Ms. McGuire, President Trump, not Trump.) When you have Democrats, who needs Russians?! Just ask Bernie Sanders.

Oh, and then, of course, she has to bring up guns and claims no one wants to talk about that. Really? While I did not hear Rep. Rooney's thoughts on this admittedly volatile topic, I would like to hear Ms. McGuire's idea of how to protect schools and churches from lunatics and keep freedoms balanced? It's likely those killed and wounded in the South Carolina and Texas church shootings wish someone in the church had a gun. And what if the law enforcement on the scene in Parkland had not been told to stand down and actually were allowed to use their weapons to take down the shooter sooner? We don't need more gun laws but rather enforcement of those currently on the books. But liberals such as Ms. McGuire won't be happy until there are no guns needing legislation. Knowledge that weapons may be present provides a deterrent, unlike gun free zones such as that in which the Parkland school was located. I can tell you I sleep very well at night knowing there is an NRA sticker on my front door and a Lady Smith in my nightstand.

Ms. McGuire is a member of ROAR ? Rise Up, Organize, Agitate and Resist. That is not the American way nor is it in the best interests of American citizens. Please ignore such blatant propaganda as was set forth in her letter to the editor. Denying the truth doesn't change the facts!

Kathy Jones

St. James City



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