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Important information about the GPICA

February 14, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

We're writing today to communicate some important information that could affect the future of the Greater Pine Island Civic Association (GPICA) itself.

In January, GPICA members J. Michael Hannon, Karl Deigert and Leo Amos directed two letters to the Association:

n One letter accuses the GPICA Board of ? among other things ?not following bylaws, not providing information about the organization's financial health, not providing a "democratic election" of the board, purging member lists, changing bylaws illegally, not providing full financial disclosure to members, spending GPICA treasury resources illegally.

n The second letter makes a substantial, wide-ranging request for GPICA records ? including membership and financial information, meeting minutes and more ? dating back as far as 10 years.

The first letter also threatens a lawsuit with the purpose of dissolving the GPICA and potentially holding the volunteer Board personally liable.

While the Board's own review of our bylaws has turned up clear issues that we agree need to be resolved, we also strongly believe these records requests have not been made in good faith.

Further, we believe that the threats contained in the letters stem in-part from our position that the Matlacha annexation lawsuit ("MATLACHA CIVIC ASSOCIATION, INC., DAVID McGUGAN, GARY REHILL, ROBERT C. TOMES, and J. MICHAEL HANNON v. CITY OF CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA) is not winnable and that our limited funds are better used to defend the Pine Island Plan and address the issue of whether we are better off as an incorporated community ? a process that we are now working through. (Our latest financial report is available online at

The GPICA Board is taking these threats and accusations seriously and during our Jan. 31 board meeting, we voted to hire an attorney to pursue a legal opinion on what records we are required to provide and whether the threat of a lawsuit automatically disqualifies continued membership in the GPICA itself.

In the meantime, we have posted the letters from Hannon, Deigert and Amos to our website where all members of the GPICA and the wider community may access and review them. They are available at and from the post "Important Information About GPICA's Future" on the home page of our website,

We will continue to keep the membership apprised of further actions on these matters as we work to resolve them.

Your GPICA Board:

President Roger Wood, Vice President Scott Wilkinson with Board Members Bryan Crane, Nancy Harwood, Nadine Slimak, Tim Heitz, Carol D. Crane, Claudia Bringe, Anna Stober, Gabriele Solterra



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