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No state revenue sharing for planned Villages of Matlacha and Pine Island

February 14, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The folks of the planned Villages of Matlacha and Pine Island will have to dig into their pocketbooks to make up for the shortfall of not getting state revenue sharing to the tune of $91 a person.

Mr. Mazurkiewicz, who is the consultant on incorporation of the planned villages, was at last Tuesday's Greater Pine Island Civic Association to discuss the pros and cons of incorporation. I asked Mr. Mazurkiewicz if he had used the Independent Special Fire Control Districts millage rate as part of the 3 mills required under state statutes to get revenue sharing from the state. The planned villages had less than a 1 mill tax base and not the 3 mills required.

He replied that he did use the district's rate and I asked him if it was correct to do this, He stated that he could get a waiver from the state to cover it.

I called the Florida Department of Financial Services Wednesday to verify that a waiver could be given to the planned villages to use the millage rate of our Independent Special Fire District and they gave me the number to the Florida House of Representatives that handles all new cities. I called the Florida House of Representatives and left a message for Mr. Miller.

Shortly afterwards I received a call from James Mullen from Rep. Ray Rodrigues' office. We discussed the issues and later he called me back stating that the Independent Special Fire District's funds and or millage rate could not waivered or counted toward the 3 mills required by the state in order to get revenue sharing. He stated that the reason for the 3 mills in income was required by the Department of Financial Services who wanted to make sure that the taxpayers had some skin in the game.

Accordingly, the skin in the game is going to be the folks of the newly planned villages who will fork over between a $100 and $300 a year in new property taxes and even paying this additional taxes still won't be eligible for revenue sharing from the state.

It appears that Mr. Mazurkiewicz's city lite is going to be more like a city bite out of your wallet.

Leo Amos




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