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Incorporation is the path to preserving our future

January 31, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Last year when Cape Coral annexed part of Matlacha, the Greater Pine Island Civic Association (GIPCA) decided it was time to consider incorporation. Joseph M. Mazurkiewicz Jr. was invited to the January 2017 GPICA meeting to introduce the process of incorporation to the members. Mr. Mazurkiewicz was chosen because he had already successfully incorporated three sister Lee County communities; Fort Myers Beach, Estero and Bonita Springs.

After the presentation the members authorized funds for Mr. Mazurkiewicz to prepare a feasibility study for the possibility of incorporating the Greater Pine Island community. In February 2017 the study was presented to the GPICA members. After the presentation a vote was taken to continue with the process of incorporation. By a unanimous vote the necessary funds to create a more comprehensive incorporation report. That report appears on the GPICA website.(

The process outlined by Mr. Mazurkiewicz was reported in the March, April and May meetings. In May a SWOT report was given highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities the community might face on its path to incorporation.

The next step was a community-wide survey of registered voters to determine if GPICA should proceed with the process outlined by Mr. Mazurkiewicz. The members voted to fund the survey. During the summer the survey was mailed, using the most up to date list, to all registered voters in the Greater Pine Island Community. Over 80 percent of all communities voted to continue. A committee of members from all communities created a draft of a charter, created a PowerPoint presentation and contacted our state representatives about the possibility of our incorporation.

We are now at the point where we need wide spread community participation. There will be a series of meetings led by Mr. Mazurkiewicz. At these meetings we will hammer out our own personalized Pine Island Community Charter. This is everyone's chance to help shape our future.

Meeting notices will be advertised in The Eagle and the GPICA website. In addition, if your group, neighborhood, church, would like a presentation by the GPICA about incorporation we will be glad to accommodate your request. You can contact us at

In addition members of GPICA will be circulating petitions for folks with Greater Pine Island addresses to sign. These petitions will be presented to our local representatives next summer.

Please plan to attend. Now that the lawsuit against annexation has been dismissed incorporation is the path to preserving our future.

Claudia Bringe, VP GPICA

St James City



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