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Give President Trump a chance?

January 24, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Both the democrats and republicans are corrupted by our campaign laws. President Trump can be untruthful. I was 100 percent with him in the beginning, when he ran with his own money and, supposedly, wouldn't be corrupt or "owned." We found out later, that he lent the money to his campaign. As soon as he hit the general election, the mega donor donations began. He got every dime of his money back, as planned.

The only thing this guy cared about, from the "get go." was the tax bill and its effect on him, his family and the slap on the back he'd always enjoy from his billionaire friends. Corporate taxes, in 1952, were 33% of all taxes paid to the federal government. As of 2014, they accounted for only 9% despite record breaking profits. I can't even imagine what they will contribute under the new tax law! You and I have to make up the difference. Why couldn't the tax cut have been focused on the spenders, the low and middle class, as well as product industries (not banks, etc.). Why is the tax cut, primarily, for the rich? Why will the tax law sunset in 2024, for low and middle-class citizens benefiting from the new law? Yet, the corporate tax decrease is permanent? Oh, I guess that's because he thinks his second term will end, at that point.

The tax plan gives a tax credit of $1,600 per child vs a previous deduction of $3,000, last year. Yes, there is a benefit to that. For any family, the increase in the standard deduction of $11,300 (was $12,700, in 2018 its $24,000) is wildly offset by the elimination of the $4,000 personal exemption. The poorest of our society pay a 10% tax rate, which was the only tax rate bracket unchanged, while the richest rate decreased 2.6%! Was it necessary to eliminate tax deductions for charitable contributions? You say citizens will make it up in the stock market. Are you kidding me? Do you think the working poor, who work 2 + 3 jobs invest in the stock market? What percentage of retired people invest in the stock market or families with kids going to college?

We all heard about Apple's announcement to take advantage of the new tax law. It will pay $80+ billion in taxes to bring profits back from overseas. As it turns out, Apple won't be building a manufacturing plant. It will build a facility to house the iCloud data and create high technology jobs. As it turns out, Apple had already planned to create these jobs long before the new tax bill was in the works. Me thinks this move from Apple could be tied to its current public relation problems. Paying $80+ billion in taxes is a pittance to them. The reduced tax rate for bringing cash back to the country, for the purpose of creating any jobs, is great! Unfortunately, if money actually comes back for factories, they will be, primarily, be robot and mechanically operated.

President Trump promised to close the tax loopholes with tax dodges in the Cayman Islands, etc.. The only loophole I could find, that was eliminated, was for bitcoins. He promised to do well by the veterans, yet, his proposed 2018 budget would kick 100% disabled veterans off disability who are over retirement age (mostly Vietnam vets). He promised to leave Medicare alone. Yet, Medicare funding is being cut by 4%, year over year. I already have a doctor, that no longer will take Medicare. I have to pay out of my pocket. Soon many more doctors will drop us, resulting in private insurers taking over. That's why I have to move. I can't afford it. Medicare has been deducted from our pay checks for decades. He promised not to cut social security, but that's the next thing on the republican agenda. He promised to be a president of all the people. He isn't. He promised to work with Democrats. He hasn't.

Retired people would be millionaires, if they had only invested our contributions instead of spending it behind our backs!!! All of this, as we give the 1% a trillion-dollar tax gift and increase the war machine budget! The seven most developed nations in the world combined spend less on military, than the USA. Yet, they are increasing it, again, as 16.2 million American children (1 in 5) go to bed hungry each night. What are we doing?

I like the decrease in some of the regulations.... some are insane, further polluting our rivers and land. Speaking of polluted rivers, I wished he drained the swamp, as he promised. Instead he stocked it with Wall Street bank gators. From taxing the green energies, now we have oil drilling in our oceans.

About a month ago, he signed a bill releasing the oil companies from completing their plan to contain the next Horizon Oil Drill disaster. Several years ago, Germany decided to eliminate nuclear energy production, after what happened in the Japan earthquake. Also, they had to keep buying more and more oil from Russia... knowing they'd be held hostage in the future. So, they offered a partnership program to its citizens to switch to solar systems. Last year, Germany is now 100% energy self-sufficient and even has excess to sell to other countries

He tends to be clueless. Within the last month, he was against the Patriot Act Congress was voting on, forgetting, he was for it. We've seen him agree to sign off on a clean Daca bill. Then he changed it to whatever compromise republicans and democrats brought to him. A bi-partisan compromise was brought by Senator's Graham and Durbin, only to be rejected by him. He also stated, the Chips children healthcare program extension was 30 days. He felt the bill Congress was voting on was too short. It was a six-year extension! On Jan. 20, Senator Schumer (not my favorite guy) and the President reached a tentative compromise on Daca and financing the Wall, only to be, again, rejected by President Trump. Unlike the President, Senator Schumer is willing to negotiate even further. As a result, we have a government shutdown.

His primary objective, aside from the tax bill, was to undo every single bill passed by the Obama administration. Mission, nearly, accomplished.

As to collusion... let's wait until the Mueller investigation is complete, OK?

Give him a chance? I think I have seen enough

Diane Cherella




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