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Time to wake up and heed the alarm

May 31, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The hearts of so many of us are broken by the carnage that took 22 precious innocent young lives in Manchester, England because of this radical Islamic ideology that plagues our world today.

Unfortunately, these murderous terrorist attacks are becoming far too common as a result of the past open door policies across Europe that seems to be infiltrating the minds of many in the United States.

Having the opportunity to see the protections afforded to radical Islam, for instance in Trafalgar Square in London in the past, with signage calling for "Death to all Infidels," it makes one wonder where are the limits for freedom of speech for those invoking terrorism.

The true tragedy of the future, if not addressed immediately, will result in more tragic events and loss of innocent lives by these terrorist attacking soft targets.

Many bleeding hearts in our country have cried foul when protections are put in place such as scrutinizing a better vetting process for those seeking asylum from these radical Islamic countries.

It is not about hating a religion, but rather hating an errant ideology that emulates from that religion.

The only way to eradicate this ideology is by holding accountable all those mirroring this radical ideology. That goes from those practicing the religion of Islam who fail to report everything from recruitment to the preaching of hate and terrorism in their communities and religious institutions.

Solidarity is about extinguishing this errant faith based radicalism and not embellishing these murderous terrorist acts by failing to act. Turning our heads and pretending we just don't see will result in more of the carnage as seen this past week in Manchester, England.

Wake up America and Wake up World.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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