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No Constitutional Amendment justifies massive loss of lives

April 26, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

In a recent meeting with Congressman Francis Rooney, on the subject of public safety, Rooney stated that he felt his principles regarding the Second Amendment outweighed his concerns over 30,000 American lives lost to gun violence each year.

No Constitutional Amendment justifies massive loss of lives. Even Ronald Reagan, during his administration, supported reasonable legislation in favor of public safety, including bans on assault style weapons. "Not abridged" does not mean not regulated, as we have demonstrated over the years with our First Amendment rights. First Amendment rights are also not to be abridged, but our right to assemble, for example, is regulated with requirements for permits, place restrictions and licenses.

The American Bar Association says, "We reject the notion that the Second Amendment bars efforts to stem gun violence," and has issued a report on its "Long History of Support for Sensible Laws to Reduce Gun Violence." ( report 2/6/2015)

More people are killed each year in this country by toddlers with guns than by terrorists, and thousands more by domestic gun violence than by foreign war. Reasonable measures to ensure citizen safety is not a constitutional violation, but a governmental responsibility.

Susan McGuire

Pine Island ROAR,

a grassroots advocacy group



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