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No island is an island

April 19, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

There is an old saying that, "No man is an island;" implying that no one can totally isolate themselves from society, and governments cannot isolate themselves from the world. Here then are the questions our citizens have to answer to themselves. Do you think that you are isolated from outside interests or threats, and you don't have to worry about being affected? Do you think that waters surrounding your built-out enclave will prevent any change to your beloved community? Do you think that a wall and a gate around your community will isolate you from the troubles of those surrounding you? Do you think a choke-hold road will prevent destruction of your coastal rural character? Or do you want to be part of preserving the totally unique community we presently call Greater Pine Island?

Our present character is plainly visible on view to anyone who rides around our area.

The homes are unique; not builder tract houses. They have vivid tropical colors and contrasting trim. There are a lot of metal roofs, and many stilt homes to be hurricane resistant. We have huge preserves to hike and bike and interact with nature. We have many homes on rural sized lots. People have private ponds, and commune with nature on their own property. We have large agricultural areas, and commercial fishing operations.

We have an active boating community that kayaks, sails, fishes and glories in cruising the waters surrounding us. Any criticism that a community that would be incorporated to protect its unique environment, and then would then destroy it, is ridiculous.

The hidden part of the character of Greater Pine Island is our residents' independent spirit. We are renowned for our "characters" who speak their mind. The Lee County Commissioners and Cape Coral City Council are well aware of that fact. We do not want to shirk from our independent spirit, but we seek to embrace it. The cries of "No Big Government" and "No Tax Increases" are our uniting cry for the overall community to be created. I think of the Pineland Post Office as an example. We don't need a big municipal complex, a small rented office space is all that is required.

Part of the later incorporation process is to create a charter. This is a legal document that sets the purpose and goals of whatever we will call ourselves. In it, we will draft language to preserve our unique environment. We will also define at length our purpose to be small government with no tax increases. And we will define our purpose to have representation for all our community residents.

All of what I'm saying cannot be done by myself or a few people. Send all your letters to the editor, and speak up with positive action plans to create a mini-government solely for the preservation of our independence. The biggest threat to incorporation is apathy. If more than a majority of people are not willing to support Incorporation, it will fail. If leaders do not step forward to implement incorporation, and serve as public representatives dedicated to preserving our character and values, then incorporation will fail.

Roger Wood

St. James City



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