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Red tide is anything but natural

September 12, 2018 To the editor:  In my last letter I criticized Gov. Scott's declaration of emergency regarding red tide. more »»

Put the blame where it belongs

September 12, 2018 To the editor: The Army Corp of Engineers killed the river of grass when they built the dike at the south end of Lake O. They killed Lake O when they straightened the Kissimmee River. more »»

Who’s to blame — really?

September 12, 2018 To the editor: Some real facts: There has been a Republican federal Congress for eight years. There has been a Republican Florida Legislature for eight years and a Republican governor for eight years. more »»

Thanks for supporting clean water efforts

September 5, 2018 To the editor: Thank you to many residents of Pine Island, Matlacha, and surrounding communities who participated in the Save Our Water protest on Matlacha Bridge on Sunday, Aug. 26. more »»

Many thanks

September 5, 2018 To the editor: As I begin this message, I want to offer my sincere thanks to the community, which supported my reelection to the District 1 seat on the Lee County School Board! I am honored and... more »»

No More!

September 5, 2018 No baby ducks no jumping fish It’s as if my canal has died Blue-green algae pollutes Lake Okeechobee invades the incoming tide As it dies it gladly feeds a voracious red tide just offshore,... more »»

Tainted waters are a safety issue

September 5, 2018 To the editor: Two related articles were published on Aug. 15 regarding blue-green algae. The first question is, whether it is OK to drain Lake O. more »»

Guest Comment: Conservation 20/20 continues to thrive

August 29, 2018 This week, the Lee Board of County Commission had the opportunity to discuss our successful Conservation 20/20 program. more »»


August 29, 2018 To the editor: I am responsible for our current water crisis. Over the years, I have developed a personal psychology built around blame and denial. more »»

Become part of the solution

August 29, 2018 To the editor: Blue/green algae is pumped on a strict schedule to prevent the Lake Okeechobee dike from breaking. Approximately 40,000 people live below that dike. more »»

Guest Comment: 23 years of MangoMania ... how do they do that?

August 22, 2018 Looking out over the empty German American Social Club as I loaded up the last of the tents and tables into my SUV, I realized that while setting up and breaking down for an event is indeed labor... more »»

Special privilege?

August 22, 2018 To the editor: Concerning Commissioner Manning's plea deal, it appears that he received special privilege. more »»

Red tide is NOT the problem

August 22, 2018 To the editor: The $1.3M which Gov. Scott is sending to Lee County is largely intended to help clean up and recover from the red tide disaster. more »»

Guest opinion: Don't 'streamline' Conservation 2020

August 17, 2018 Lee County taxpayers have been clear; we value our wild side and recognize our economy is dependent on the natural diversity and wild creatures with whom we share this area. more »»

We are not getting both sides of the news

August 15, 2018 To the editor: I read with interest the letter submitted by Susan McGuire. She gave us a history lesson on “lying press.” My husband and I channel search through the various news media stations. more »»

Water conditions and their affects on us, visitors, business

August 15, 2018 To the editors: Watching our latest water conditions and its affect on full time/seasonal residents, visitors, businesses and our marine life, it’s apparent we’ve reached a point where now, more tha... more »»

Guest Comment: Demand action on the water crisis

August 8, 2018 The waters of Southwest Florida and our Gulf coast are in crisis from harmful blooms causing an unprecedented mass mortality of aquatic life not seen before at these levels in our are. more »»

Protecting island children at the school crossing, and better use of resources

August 8, 2018 To the editor: School is starting soon! Assuming that the 20 mph flashing light school crossing just north of the center on Stringfellow is to protect our children from getting hit while crossing th... more »»

There is truth and accuracy in the press and media

August 8, 2018 To the editor: Lugenpresse — the concept of “lying press” — has been around a long time. It is a pejorative political term and has been in use since at least Emperor Nero and his “hostis publicus. more »»

Stop using Lake O as an irrigation pond

August 8, 2018 To the editor: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the eco disasters in Southwest Florida. First it was the massive red tide that killed all types of marine life. more »»



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